End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning in Staffordshire

It is recommended by most manufacturers and retailers that end of tenancy carpet cleaning and rug cleaning takes place at least once a year to prevent damage from occurring. When soil and dirt enters the pile of the carpet and is walked on, this action can cut the carpet fibres and cause irreversible damage.

Hot water extraction is the cleaning method which is recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers and retailers for the majority of carpet and rug types.

Also known as ‘steam cleaning’ this carpet cleaning method actually forces hot water under high pressure deep into the pile of the carpet. The water is then removed using a twin motor vacuum. This leaves the carpet with the best level of cleaning possible and the ability for the room to be used again within 2-4 hours (depending upon conditions).

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are a tenant leaving a property and need to have the carpets cleaned in order to recover your deposit or a landlord who is giving the property a deep clean prior to putting it on the rental market, we can help.

With deposits nowadays running into many hundreds, if not thousand of pounds, it is essential that any rental property is left in as good a condition as possible in order to recoup as much deposit as possible.  One call to Modus Cleaning Solutions will help you to achieve this goal with our end of tenancy carpet cleaning service.

A thorough professional clean of carpets in rental property is also essential prior to any property being placed on the market.  This will ensure that any marketing photographs so the property in the best light and also help you, the landlord, to maximise the rental yield that you can achieve.

Carpet and rug cleaning in Lichfield

Regardless of the type of carpet to be cleaned or the level of soiling, our approach is always the same. For each carpet or rug we clean we carry out a 6-7 step cleaning process:-

  1. Carry out a pre-clean survey to identify carpet type amongst other factors
  2. Thoroughly vacuum the surface to remove loose soil and debris
  3. Apply appropriate cleaning solution
  4. Agitate the surface working the solution deep into the pile
  5. Spot treat specific stains
  6. Thoroughly rinse with extraction machine
  7. Apply protective ‘Scotchgard’ type treatment (if required)

If you have pets or your carpet has odours and requires sanitising then we can add a sanitising and deodorising treatment to help with this. After the carpet cleaning process has been completed, we apply a protective ‘Scotchgard’ type Teflon treatment to the surface. The majority of carpets usually have this treatment applied when they leave the factory but over time this protective coating can wear off. This can be reapplied by us (at a heavily discounted rate compared to manufacturer prices) to help protect your treasured carpet from water and oil based stains.

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